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Choosing the Perfect Floor Plan for Your Lifestyle

By October 15, 2021 October 30th, 2021 No Comments

One of the many benefits of building a custom home is choosing a custom floor plan. Rather than working around a pre-existing design or having limited options, a custom home floor plan offers the flexibility to adapt to the homeowners’ lifestyle. Here are some things to consider when building a one-of-a-kind home:

Family Makeup. The size of your family and the ages of those living within the space is very important. Families with young children often prefer to have their private living spaces—such as bedrooms and bathrooms—grouped together on one side or level of the home, while those with older children like them in separate wings or levels. A multigenerational home may have primary living areas with additional suites —including bedroom(s), bathroom(s), and perhaps a kitchen—with a separate entry. Please see our recent article Building for the Multigenerational Family if you plan a custom build for a multigeneration family.

Entertaining Spaces. Many contemporary home layouts are based on an open floor plan, in which guests are welcomed as soon as they walk in the front door. A large inviting foyer often leads into a great room and continues on to an outdoor living space. Architectural features can be added to main living areas to allow for the creation of separate rooms when desired.

Privacy. On the other hand, if you and your family enjoy a more private lifestyle, perhaps an open floor plan is not for you. Instead, you can opt for a floor plan that allows the more formal entertaining areas (such as the dining and living room) to be at the front of the house and easily accessible to the front door. This allows for a dedicated entertaining space and leaves the rest of the home for private living.

Living Levels. Living on a single level offers many benefits, including the ability to keep an eye on young children and the quietness of no overhead noise. Many single-story homes tend to group the living areas in the center of the home with private rooms on the wings. Multistory living allows more separation of space and allows each family member to enjoy their privacy.

Accessibility. Does a member of your family need extra space to maneuver? For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommends that doorways have at least 32 inches of clear width. In addition, to ensure easy transitioning from room to room, thresholds should be as flush to the floor as possible. Please see our recent article Customizing Your Home to Age in Place for design features that homeowners should consider when focused on accessibility.

Outdoor Living. From expansive front porches to backyard living, many of today’s homes feature outdoor living areas. When choosing a floor plan, consider how much time will be spent outdoors. While the additional living space is nice, it adds to home maintenance time and costs.

The professionals at Artisan Builders are ready to work hand in hand with our clients to design the perfect floor plan for their lifestyle. With each project, we ensure that our client’s personalities and lifestyles are considered every step of the way. Please contact us today if you would like to discuss building your dream home.