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How to Find the Best Custom Builder – The Essential Checklist

By March 15, 2022 April 8th, 2022 No Comments

You may feel overwhelmed by the thought of finding a custom builder and perhaps the entire process in general. If building a custom home is on your mind working with the right professional makes a huge difference to make your experience more positive. We understand that finding a custom builder can be stressful and intimidating if you have never gone through this process before. Here are a few things to consider when finding a custom builder.

  • Research: Research is the first step you should take when finding a custom builder. This will also help you to see who is well respected in your area, if they are in your price range, and more. In addition, you want to make sure the custom builder has many years of experience; the more knowledge, the better. Another great thing to research is to make sure they have proper certifications and check that the builder has additional insurance.
  • Portfolio: Many custom builders include a portfolio of projects on their websites. Make sure you take a look through past projects, which will not only give you ideas for your project but will be a great way to see the contractor’s style and craftsmanship. Take special note of innovative methods the contractor used to solve construction challenges and problems.
  • Interview: Before signing a contract, you will want to address any questions and concerns that you may have. It’s essential to make sure you and the builder have a mutual understanding. Being on the same page is necessary so that you know what to expect for timelines and more. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; there is never a wrong question to ask because you want to make sure you know exactly what the builder’s plans and intentions are. This process is vital to ensure you receive what you hire the contractor to do!
  • Connection: When you are searching for a builder, finding a connection is an important aspect. Make sure you have a team that will listen to your wants and needs for your home. You don’t want a builder to take over everything and not incorporate what you want for your custom home.

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