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Make a Great First Impression with an Impressive Home Exterior

By March 12, 2023 No Comments
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One of the biggest and most enjoyable decisions a custom homeowner gets to make is the overall style of the home and the appearance of its exterior. From modern to classic and ornate to understated, we have seen and built it all.

While this choice is ultimately made by the homeowner and their family, we are happy to provide guidance, ideas and inspirations to make a dream home come to life. Here are some of our favorite exterior home styles that may inspire you as you imagine your forever home.

Modern Mediterranean

These home exteriors combine the classic elegance of Mediterranean architecture with contemporary design elements. They often feature stucco or stone walls, terracotta tile roofs and wrought-iron accents, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Large windows and open floor plans allow natural light to flood the interior spaces while creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas. Other popular features include courtyards, balconies and outdoor living spaces, such as patios and pool areas. Overall, these homes offer a timeless and luxurious aesthetic that combines old-world charm with modern-day living.

French Provincial

Known for their rustic, yet refined, aesthetic, French Provincial homes typically feature a mix of natural materials, such as stone and wood, with stucco or brick walls. Steeply pitched roofs, often clad in clay tiles, are a common characteristic. French doors, shutters and wrought-iron add to the charm of these homes. Many also feature intricate woodwork and decorative elements, such as carved corbels and window casings. Landscaping is also an essential aspect of French Provincial home exteriors, with manicured gardens and courtyards often being a focal point. Overall, these homes evoke a sense of romance and sophistication, with an emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and elegant design.

English Manor

English Manor home exteriors are grand and imposing, with an emphasis on symmetry and balance. These homes typically feature brick or stone walls, steep pitches on the roofs and elaborate chimneys. Windows are often arranged in a symmetrical pattern, and many feature leaded glass panes. Decorative details, such as carved stone or woodwork, are common. Many English Manor homes also have large, sweeping lawns and gardens, often surrounded by a decorative wrought-iron fence. These homes are designed to impress and are often associated with wealth and luxury. Overall, English Manor home exteriors exude a sense of grandeur and history, with a focus on traditional elegance and refinement.

Modern Farmhouse

These home designs have gained popularity in recent years, combining the classic charm of a traditional farmhouse with contemporary elements. These homes often feature open floor plans, high ceilings, large windows and natural materials such as wood and stone. The exterior typically includes a front porch, board-and-batten siding and metal roofing. Inside, modern farmhouse homes are designed for comfort and functionality, with spacious kitchens, cozy living areas and ample storage. Rustic touches like barn doors and exposed beams add character and warmth to these homes. The result is a stylish and inviting space that is both modern and timeless.

While your forever home should look exactly how you envisioned it, these are a few options that you could consider if you’re undecided.