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Maximizing Space in Your Home

By September 30, 2022 October 3rd, 2022 No Comments

Space is a valuable commodity, and figuring out how to use the space in your home in the most efficient way is an important skill in creating a dream home. Storage elements like built-ins or customizable storage solutions are also a great way to keep your house functional and organized. The most important first step is surveying your home and taking note of what types of storage and organization you need to make a plan. For example, having books or knick-knacks stacked on your kitchen floor or the counter can be a great sign to show where to start and how you need improvement. Keep reading for more tips on how to best maximize the space in your home.


Don’t underestimate the power of under-stair storage. This is a great spot to take advantage of what would otherwise be an unused space. And you can find lots of creativity when it comes to under-stair storage. For example, turning the space into a built-in bookshelf or open shelving unit can be a great way to get rid of a floor organization problem. Or, if you are a parent of young children, using the space as a playhouse can be a great use. You could also use the area as pull-out storage for shoes in the shorter drawers and coats in the taller ones. These examples show the versatility of the space to be a storage area that adapts to your lifestyle needs.

Built-In Shelving or Cabinets:

Making use of the vertical space in your home saves clutter in favor of storage and organization without taking up much space. These types of projects are also easy to customize and make your own. For example, built-in shelving can be a great place to display decor, books, trophies, and other memorabilia. Using baskets, you can store less aesthetically appealing objects on your shelving units. Built-in shelving works well for display areas such as above the TV or in a dining room but can also be useful for easy-to-grab items in places like a garage or basement wall. If you have a variety of items for storage, cabinets might be the best option. Cabinets can be customized to fit a specific place, such as a kitchen corner, or a particular item, such as a vacuum or broom.

Kitchen Island:

Creating storage in your kitchen island can be another way to use an underutilized area. A kitchen island is the focal point of the kitchen, a multipurpose feature that serves as a place to prepare food, sit, eat, and store kitchen utensils and appliances. Ensuring this feature has suitable storage and organization is integral to a successful kitchen. And having custom storage solutions can be a great way to best achieve this goal. Adding a mini drinks fridge to your island, a spice rack, or dishware storage are great examples of custom storage that add personality and functionality to your space. Built-in benches can also be a great addition and a way to combine the aspects of shelving and cabinets to maximize space as kitchen table seating or even in the entryway.

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