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New Year, New Home

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7 Ways to Revitalize Your Luxury Home in 2023

Luxury homes are not absolved from needing a little style update from time to time. From adding elements of nature to geometric expression, here are the top seven luxury home design trends for 2023.

Biophilic Design Continues to Grow

Outdoor-indoor blends are one of the stars of 2023 interior design trends as green and biophilic design grows. Interior palettes are moving away from artificial colors and instead veering toward hues that are easier on the eye. Therefore, interiors are flowing seamlessly from and to their outer surroundings. The influence of the outdoors is being seen in indoor color palettes, furniture design and the interior setting of the space.  And while it should come as no surprise that biophilic patterns are continuing to grow in popularity, the room that will get the focus for all things natural in 2023 is the bedroom, with searches for “biophilic bedroom design” doubling on Pinterest according to its most recent report.

Let There be Light

Elements that benefit human functioning are coming in strong in Interior design trends in 2023. Amongst them is natural light, which is a magnified aspect in current and coming designs.
Maximizing natural light can be easily achieved by installing big, bare windows and reflective surfaces. A fantastic way to further accentuate natural light is by focusing on white and bright palettes for the interior design.

Curves the Word

In addition to architectural arches, curved décor in general is very popular right now. As reported by Pinterest, searches for “round sofas” and “curved kitchens” have tripled, while “round interior walls” has quadrupled. Experts believe that curved furniture could improve well-being too, evoking emotional responses such as calmness, contentness and even hopefulness.

Wine Displays & Coffee Beyond the Kitchen

Homeowners are moving away from hiding their wine cellars and are using wine storage like an art installation. Additionally, Coffee machines naturally find a home in the kitchen, but brewing your favorite drink doesn’t have to take place there. People are now adding the luxurious comfort of an at-home coffee station to spaces like home offices and home theaters.

Tranquil Blue

Interior design color trends for 2023 are undoubtedly leaning toward soothing palettes. With its turquoise-like hue, calming blue will make its way to interior settings as it brings to mind clear, tranquil waters which can have tremendous psychological and emotional benefits. Tranquil blue hues evoke a sense of calmness and create a relaxing effect in any room you roll them into.

Opulence Around Every Corner

Pure opulence is coming back in, and this time it’s going to be everywhere, with luxurious finishes across all areas of the house. While minimalism and the idea of simple living have been the main narrative for many years, maximalist concepts are returning, bringing a new wave of luxury features with it. You can achieve this look by incorporating rich fabrics, exciting textures and deep colors into your space.


As we move on with time, we also move on from the notion that a house must simply be a house to eat, sleep and chill. Having a multifunctional home might be the best trend 2023 is bringing along, with additions such as luxe movie and game rooms, gyms and saunas.