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Planning for the Move into Your New Home

By June 30, 2022 July 28th, 2022 No Comments

It’s challenging enough when moving into a new house to make it feel like a home. So get a head start on an essential new home checklist for security and comfort those first few nights to ensure nothing gets left behind and avoid last-minute issues.

2 Months Before Move-In

If you are moving into an existing home, check which appliances will be left and which you will need to purchase to accommodate for longer shipment delays or supply chain issues. Do a walkthrough of the house to ensure the appliances that are staying work, and there are no other issues or repairs you need to fix before move-in. Also, take the time to measure rooms to ensure your current furniture will fit. If you are moving into a custom-built home, check with the general contractor that all appliances have been ordered and/or are expected to be delivered in time for the move-in.

Once you know your moving date, research different moving companies and book in advance to ensure you’re on the schedule. Make an inventory of items such as cutlery, clothing, or decor pieces, so nothing gets lost. You can even step up your game to include photos.

Try to categorize your items so you can pack similar items together to make unpacking easier. Packing by room can also help with this so you can place boxes in the correct rooms in the new house. Hold a garage sale or throw unwanted stuff away to avoid clutter and unnecessary space during packing; you’d be surprised by how much junk you will find while packing.

1 Month Before Move-In

It is a good idea to set up your utilities about three weeks before move-in to allow enough time for utility providers to get the system running to ensure you have heating or air conditioning for the long move-in days, depending on the season. Determine which provider you will use, as it might change due to the move, or if it won’t change, make sure to transfer addresses with your provider. Check-in with your mover to make sure there have been no changes.

Change your address on the official USPS website, and give a change of address to banks, schools, insurance companies, subscription services, and doctors. If you are not staying in the area, research new doctors, dentists, or vets. Also, buy new furniture if needed to allow time for it to arrive.

2 Weeks Before Move-In

Make an unpacking plan for how you want to tackle the move to minimize chaos on the day of the move. Collect important items such as legal documents or jewelry and keep them separate and well organized. You can even make digital copies of papers to make sure everything is accounted for. Look for library books to return or clothes at the dry cleaners to pick up. Start cleaning your newly emptied rooms in your house. If you have a long car trip to your new home, go to the mechanic to make sure your car is prepared.

1 Week Before Move-In

Do a quick run-through of the new house and make sure the utilities work. Make sure your boxes are properly labeled and organized, and back up your computer and other digital files. Make a plan for if the movers are late or other issues arise. Call your pharmacy to have them transfer prescriptions and history to the new pharmacy and pick up enough medication for the move if needed. Gather up extra items from school or work to pack. Get keys and other security measures in place to give to your realtor or new owner. Empty your refrigerator and go to the store to buy non-perishable food to have for move-in day. Know how to take out your final trash.

When working with Artisan Builders, we will be with you every step to ensure your new custom home is ready for your move-in day. Please contact us today to discuss your dream home.