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Should I Add an Addition to My Home Now or Later

By November 30, 2021 December 8th, 2021 No Comments

When creating their dream home, our clients often ask us if it is a good idea to add extra space during the construction process or wait to add an addition at a later time. While the decision is a very personal one, here are some things to consider:

  • Will you use the space immediately or in the future?
  • Do you see your family growing in the near future?
  • Are you considering adding extra outdoor or indoor living space?
  • Can the extra space be added in the form of an auxiliary dwelling unit?

If it makes sense (and fits into your budget), we usually recommend adding the space at the time of construction. Adding an addition to the home may be daunting and disrupt daily life. That being said, a new addition can benefit your current living situation and add value to your home if you want to sell in the future. There are many ways to add additions to your home, whether a small project or a full remodel for your home. Here are some suggestions:

  • Kitchen. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s important to consider what will improve your kitchen. A breakfast nook addition? A fantastic butler’s pantry for storage? A great way of getting ideas for new additions to your kitchen is by researching what would make your kitchen transform into your dream kitchen. In addition, the national average return on investment (ROI) for a major upscale kitchen remodel is slightly over 50 percent, making a kitchen renovation a fantastic investment.
  • Sunroom. A sunroom addition is an excellent choice for families looking to increase their indoor/outdoor living space. This is an excellent addition to the house because it adds another space for gathering and allows more natural light into the home.
  • Home Office. Another great addition to the home, especially in this new era where working from home is becoming the norm, is a home office. A dedicated home office adds value to the home while providing everyday benefits, such as a place to get away from distractions and a place to focus.

The good news is that additions can benefit your living situation now; therefore, you don’t only have to research additions with the intent to sell your home; you may want to live in your home for an extended period. Making your day-to-day life more convenient is great when it comes to additions because these additions are custom to what you want improved and unique to you!

At Artisan Home Builders, we thrive on making sure every room in your home is exactly what you’ve dreamed it to be! Let us transform your home to fit your everyday needs and aesthetic. We have a fantastic team of consulting specialists who will make sure to assist you in every way possible. If including additions to your home is something you are considering. Contact us today!