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The Kitchen: The Hub of Your Home

The kitchen has come a long way from its utilitarian purposes of food prep and cooking. Today’s kitchen is the hub of the home—satiating not only our hunger but also our needs for entertaining and family organization. It is not a sedate and quiet room, but instead one filled with energy, aroma, and texture. Here are some trends that we are seeing in kitchen design:

Double Islands

What is the appeal of having two islands in the kitchen? Double the counter space! Typically one island serves as a work center, oftentimes featuring a prep sink and extra dishwasher. This allows the second island to serve as an area dedicated to entertaining and seating. It also serves as a place for children to do homework or as an impromptu home office.

Double islands can also help establish traffic patterns and allows for the most practical use of space in an oversized kitchen. Popular layout choices include parallel islands, T-shaped islands, and wrap-around islands. Regardless of the layout, any set of islands can become the focal point of your kitchen with accents like waterfall countertops or fun pendant lights over each one. An additional bonus to adding double islands—the kitchen automatically offers more storage space and room for appliances such as wine fridges and warming drawers.

Remarkable Pantries

The walk-in kitchen pantry has become a must-have for homeowners. Over the past year, as the coronavirus pandemic surged, food hoarding became something of a national pastime. This left many asking “Where can I store all of this?” In addition to bulk storage, homeowners will need to consider what types of built-in shelving and storage work best for day-to-day food supplies. Customized features, such as pull-out rack organizers are invaluable for increasing accessibility and organizing spices, condiments, and other small items

In addition to groceries, a walk-in kitchen pantry may be a great place for a coffee bar or a chilled wine rack. Make sure to let your contractor know of any of these customized finishes in advance so they can add electrical to the project scope.

Two Kitchens

For some homeowners, one kitchen is not enough. Many home chefs are looking for two kitchens in their home—one for cooking and one for entertaining. Adding a second utilitarian kitchen allows for easy access to a large assortment of gadgets and high-end appliances including; multiple ranges, a built-in rotisserie or pizza oven, a set of French door wall ovens, and dual dishwashers. A working kitchen allows an inevitable cooking mess to be contained in an easy to clean space away from the main living area and entertainment space.

The second entertaining kitchen provides a place for residents to relax and prepare a simple meal or entertain company while preparing food in the working kitchen. Adding the second kitchen allows for homeowners to choose a completely different style of kitchen that blends with the overall feel of the home.

With each Artisan Builders’ kitchen, we consider the preferences and lifestyle of the client. Each and every one of our kitchen spaces is built with high-quality finishes to make hosting a special event or cooking for two a breeze. Please visit our Kitchen Portfolio for more ideas.