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Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Luxurious Spa

By January 5, 2023 No Comments

The days of your bathroom consisting solely of the bare essentials have long passed. Custom builders like Artisan Builders have given homeowners the power to transform their bathroom into a breathtaking spa retreat they can enjoy for years to come. While there are endless possibilities in what you could include in your personal oasis, we trust that these features and finishes will turn your bathroom into a true place of luxury.


An essential part of a spa experience, a sauna offers a relaxing environment whenever you want it all from the comfort of your home. It also serves as a great way to heat up your bathroom. And with plenty of ways to customize them to fit in any bathroom, a sauna is a must if you want to transform your bathroom into a luxurious destination.

Heated Floors

One of the best ways to start the morning is the feeling of a warm floor to greet you as you start your day. Heated floors offer a luxurious and energy-efficient way to keep your bathroom warm. In fact, many homeowners have reported as much as a 25% decrease in their energy bills when implementing a heated floor.

Integrated Sound System

You already sing while getting ready in your bathroom, so shouldn’t you have a sound system that fills the room with your favorite music? An integrated sound system in your bathroom is a convenient way to play your playlists while getting ready to start the day and give you that extra pep in your step. And with Bluetooth features, you won’t need to worry about cables ruining the atmosphere of your bathroom.


An excellent mood-setter, a bathroom fireplace compliments every aspect of the room and enhances its atmosphere. This luxurious feature also offers a great way to relax after a long day and can be installed anywhere based on your own preferences. Not to mention it’s beneficial during the cold winter months.

A bathroom doesn’t have to be a simple room with the essentials, it can be transformed into the ultimate personal getaway that you will look forward to retreating to every day. If you’re ready to make this dream room come true, contact our team and get started today.